How Electric Assist Bikes Open the Market

Mountain bicycling is a rigorous sport that most people do not have fitness levels to enjoy. Pedaling uphill and across trails takes stamina, strong muscles, and maximum lung capacity. That is the case in traditional mountain biking. The introduction of electric assist mountain bikes, or e-bikes, has changed who can participate.

Anyone Can Ride

An ancheer power plus electric mountain bike can be used by those who are out of shape, injured or disabled, or simply do not wish to do all the work. They also allow traditional cyclists the opportunity to cover more ground faster. There are two types of motors. Hub motors are found on cheap bikes. Most have a system (mid drive) that is located near the bottom bracket.

Types of Assistance

A mountain bicycle with a throttle will propel itself at the touch of a button. These require little to no effort on the part of the rider. Speed is sacrificed when riding an e-bike with a throttle. The battery wears down quicker, resulting in fewer miles per charge.

Pedal-assist bikes require the rider to be pedaling before the motor will kick in. This type of assistance is called a ‘pedalec’ system, and is the most common for mountain bikes. Speeds can reach up to fifteen miles per hour, and more distance can be covered between charges.

High-end e-bikes have a combination of both the throttle and pedalec systems. These are not popular because the pricing is cost-prohibitive for the majority of riders.


Every ancheer power plus electric mountain bike will have two modes. The eco mode uses less battery power and can go as far as forty miles before needed to be recharged. The turbo mode offers higher speeds with less effort, but will wear down the battery faster. A bike in the highest turbo mode going uphill will only take the rider as far as fifteen miles between charges.

The level of power is controlled by the rider. It is recommended to use the lower settings first to get used to the bike and enjoy a smoother ride. Power levels can be increased once the bike is up to speed. Play with the power to determine which settings are the most comfortable for you.


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